Preparation of polished metallographic specimens for the study of metal ores, opaque minerals and metals.

Stamping service and preparation of polished specimens of opaque minerals and metallic phases

escOrsa’s geological laboratory features precision cutting equipment for the preparation of specimens and stamping systems including vacuum resin and metallographic polishing with high-quality finishes to study and analyse metal ores.

Probetas metalográficas

Optimal polishing for reliable analysis

High-quality polishing is essential to study these samples, especially when analysing them with electron microscopy and microprobe. When studying mineralisation, it is common to observe the coexistence of phases of high levels of hardness with soft phases, which results in difficulties in obtaining a quality polish. The escOrsa specimen preparation service can treat any specimen in the most appropriate way.

Highly trained technicians in constant training

The machinery used to prepare thin sections and petrographic specimens requires sophisticated equipment, which must be used by highly qualified technical staff. escOrsa technicians regularly attend courses on the preparation of thin sections and specimens taught by international experts.