Laboratory assessment of soil resistance.

Determination of soil resistance, elasticity and strength parameters

escOrsa offers strength tests to quickly and accurately assess the terrain parameters needed for specific situations, such as the calculation and design of foundations, infrastructure and wall supports or the assessment of slope stability. These tests have the additional advantage of allowing the reproduction of different test conditions adapted to the desired objectives.

Resistencia en suelos

escOrsa conducts the following soil resistance assessment tests:

  • Compression strenght
  • Resistance in triaxial equipment
  • Elasticity modulus
  • Shear resistance
  • Parameters such as cohesion and the internal friction angle
Correlation between laboratory tests and field tests

Laboratory tests are essential to correctly analyse terrain behaviour and to model terrain in combination with the resistance values of various in situ tests performed in the field, e.g., in boreholes, drilling zones and outcrops.