A committed, dependable and reliable geological laboratory willing to help you in your project.

The escOrsa geological laboratory

  • Is available to businesses requiring quality testing and offers appropriate pricing and tight deadlines.
  • Offers personalised advice on the best options and conditions for sample testing.
  • Consists of a technical team of graduates and PhDs in geology with broad and extensive experience, who are qualified and motivated people with organisational and teamwork skills.
  • Has been awarded the RD 410/2010 as a European Union quality control test laboratory for construction.
  • Offers quality in data measurement and collection: tests are performed by experienced technicians, following national and international standards (e.g., UNE and ASTM), using precision automatic measurement transducers, calibrated according to international benchmarks.
  • Performs tests in rooms with controlled temperature and humidity, in optimum environmental conditions.
  • Delivers results in an electronic format protected with digital signatures.
  • Continuously adapts and improves laboratory software to augment the quality of information and its ease of reading and interpretation.
  • Provides traceability of results: the original test records are preserved and available to the client.