Experience and scientific knowledge applied to project development.

Scientific knowledge applied to quality projects

Studies and projects developed by escOrsa use the most innovative study techniques and the latest scientific developments, applying them for the benefit of our customers.

Quality is the main objective of the work carried out.

Experiencia y conocimiento geológicos

escOrsa is a reputable company

The reliability with which we define ourselves reflects the objective and impartial position we offer by virtue of being an independent company. Projects are developed with scientific criteria, complying with all the regulations in each field. Each project maintains traceability of the objective data obtained, differentiating this objective data from interpretation.

Every project undertaken contributes to our continuous-improvement approach

Monitoring and post-delivery service have two objectives: first, ensuring complete customer satisfaction by monitoring the post-delivery phase to ensure a project’s successful completion; second, incorporating internal continuous improvements at the technical level because real understanding of the use and value of the work conducted provides us with new experience to be used in future projects.

Quality in timeliness

Time is important, and delays in delivery leads to dissatisfaction, loss of effectiveness, economic consequences and delays in the process chain. escOrsa provides the highest level of quality, meets deadlines and executes projects in a detailed manner.