Studies of natural radioactivity and contaminated soil.

escOrsa assesses contaminated soil and studies gamma radiation

We develop geological projects in the environmental field, focusing on the chemical or radiological contamination of soils and rocks.

Medio ambiente

We analyse gamma radiation, which has significant effects on the environment and health of living beings

Ionising radiation, both natural and from pollution, may pose a risk to human health. We are able to assess the geographic scope of ionising radiation and define anomalous areas.

We assess contaminated soils

Soil is a natural resource that represents the basic support for humans and other living things. Soil is also an essential component of the water cycle, and its contamination leads to a decrease in the usefulness of a water system. Through geological, geochemical and radiological assessments and geological modelling techniques, we determine the source and extent of these negative effects and propose methods to mitigate their impacts.

Soil for life

Soil is the foundation for human settlement and is the basis of terrestrial life. Maintaining or recovering soil conditions allows optimal usage.