Interpreting, understanding and representing geological data.

We produce and represent models that interpret geology

We define the geological modelling process as interpreting and understanding, from a certain point of view, the reality of the studied subject.

Mapas geotemáticos

A geological model is an idealised and simplified representation of reality

Model (DIEC2)

  • 4 1 m. An ideal representation of a particular aspect of the physical reality used to interpret and quantify phenomena and behaviours.
  • 4 3 m. A simplification of reality that attempts to detect the fundamental elements of a specific problem, eliminating secondary aspects.

The results of this service are geo-thematic maps, geometric models and other specific models aimed at explaining subterranean properties (e.g., hydrological, geochemical, etc.).


The proper analysis of information is power

The usability of information depends on the quality of the content. escOrsa always guarantees the quality of its work through its experience and geological criteria.