Field geology and geological mapping, development of geological databases and models.

Fieldwork, organisation of information in databases and geological modelling

escOrsa provides information procurement and structuring as well as the development and representation of models.

CArtografía, bases de datos, modelos geológicos

Geological models are developed from existing data collections and/or new data acquired from fieldwork, boreholes and underground surveys or sample analysis. The collected data are standardised and sorted in information systems or databases. The analysis of this information is used to generate geological models and maps.

Full service, from the field to the model

escOrsa is able to complete the entire data acquisition (field geology), organisation (databases) and interpretation (modelling) process.


Balanced and highly trained multidisciplinary team

escOrsa respects the balance between the needs of the project, the value of the work conducted and the reasonableness of the conclusions, thanks to its multidisciplinary team and the high level of training of its technicians.