Studies related to prospecting and subsurface exploration.

Mineral and energy resources are basic geological resources

Mineral and energy resources (mining, gas and oil) are important from an economic perspective and through their applications in various fields of human activity. escOrsa develops complete projects in the field of exploration and prospecting of these resources.

recursos minerales y energéticos

Prospecting of mineral deposits

escOrsa conducts prospecting and mining reservoir assessments by field mapping and geological modelling complemented by our expertise in petrography, mineralogy and geochemistry and the laboratory itself.

Oil, gas and geothermal energy exploration

escOrsa provides services related to the exploration of energy resources through its experience in mapping and geology, petrography, mineralogy and geochemical modelling of materials.
We assess basins from a multidisciplinary point of view: modelling their structure in space and time and conducting physical (thin sections, metallographic specimens), geochemical and geothermal potential (natural gamma radiation) assessments.

Integrated geology service

In regard to obtaining mineral and energy resources, we provide more than a grain of sand.