Geological modelling from the perspective of specific disciplines.

Interpretation from a multidisciplinary perspective

The customer usually needs our services to address particular aspects of a project. In addition to the usual geo-thematic and 3D maps, escOrsa is qualified to develop specific models for these needs. We provide a modelling service tailored to each request, including lithological, sedimentological, structural, geomorphological, geochemical, environmental, hydrogeological and geomechanical models, among others.

escOrsa obtains and integrates data to describe sets of materials or processes to develop models that explain the desired content. The perspective is always from the appropriate angle.

The multidisciplinary assessment of geological units allows the generation of a model.

Modelización geológica, modelos específicos
Each observer perceives and understands his/her own reality

escOrsa focuses the data description and knowledge in a multidisciplinary manner to meet the requirements of each project.