Laboratory tests for aggregate assessment.

Assessment laboratory for aggregates and material used to construct subgrades and road infrastructure

The design of road infrastructure (roads and railways) requires a detailed assessment of the terrain. For such projects, it is important to know the characteristics of the supporting base for the infrastructure. Additionally, in excavated sections, it is essential to know the suitability of the levelled material so that it can be collected and subsequently used as fill when constructing embankments and subgrades.

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Optimisation of project costs and prevention of future problems

dequate site assessment allows construction-cost optimisation through the proper use of excavation surpluses and the avoidance of initial and future operational problems.
escOrsa’s soils laboratory has equipment to assess the physical and chemical parameters of soil that determine its suitability for use on-site.

The best quality at the most reasonable price

escOrsa’s geological laboratory is available to those companies and organisations that require quality testing with appropriate pricing and lead times. Our technical team of highly specialised geologists are on hand to personally advise you on the best analyses and conditions to test your samples.