Radiogenic heat production studies for geothermal energy.

Radiogenic heat production is an important parameter of the study of geothermal potential

Geothermal energy is a renewable energy considered in many countries as a strategic resource, especially where there is a shortage of oil.
The distribution of uranium, thorium and potassium at depth affects the thermal regime of the lithosphere because the decomposition of radiogenic isotopes of these elements generates heat (known as radiogenic heat production).
Thus, the determination of the natural gamma radiation can be used to identify areas of the world with significant geothermal anomalies. escOrsa collaborates in the research and study of areas with thermal structures capable of being harnessed as energy sources.

Radiación gamma natural

The assessment of natural gamma radiation alongside renewable energy

A number of academic papers highlight the potential assessment of radiogenic heat production in the field of geothermal exploration (link to Geothermal Academic Information).