Teams that combine specialised expertise and a global perspective

escOrsa has teams of people who combine specialisation (sedimentological, mineralogical, petrological, structural geological, geomorphological, geotechnical, environmental, etc.) with a global vision, always with the support of and expertise in the latest information systems.

Technology and advanced processes

Techniques and the latest software are available together with the experience to use them.

escOrsa has extensive experience

Projects are carried out by highly skilled technicians, who are involved in all of the stages of each project. This integration is essential to maintain consistency among the interpretation, context and baseline data.

Elevated technical level and involvement, resulting in high-quality reports and continuous monitoring

Projects are delivered in a clear and understandable manner, differentiating interpretations from results and explaining the methodologies and criteria used. High-level follow-up is offered while conducting the work and after its completion.

Coherence and rationality to satisfy the customer

In particular, escOrsa seeks at all times to maintain consistency among the customer needs, the usefulness of the work done and the reasonableness of the conclusions expressed.