Identification of minerals using X-ray diffraction.

Sample preparation for the X-ray diffraction service

X-ray diffraction is a technique to qualitatively determine the minerals present in rocks. The escOrsa geological laboratory prepares samples for analysis using X-ray diffraction.

Difracción de Rayos X

Sample preparation for the powder X-ray diffraction method

In the escOrsa geological laboratory, samples are prepared and milled using a tungsten ring mill or an agate mill for powder X-ray diffraction testing.

Preparation of oriented aggregate samples for the analysis of clays using powder X-ray diffraction

Clay samples must be prepared in advance for X-ray diffraction analysis. In the escOrsa geological laboratory, we disaggregate the sample, disperse the clays and then place them in a holder, orienting the minerals. Subsequently, these clays are subjected to a heat treatment in a saturated atmosphere with ethylene glycol to modify their crystalline structure and to determine the different types of minerals present in the clay group.