Geological data collection in the field, sampling and in situ testing.

Field geology, sampling and testing

escOrsa conducts all geological data acquisition work in the field: observation, geological mapping, sampling and testing and/or measurements. Traditional geological methods are used, supported with test equipment, data storage and latest-generation positioning, tailored to each specific job and used by highly skilled technicians.

This information base, developed with the utmost rigour, can be manipulated in many different ways.

Geología de campo

Description and assessment of surface geology

escOrsa offers a field service that includes the tasks necessary to describe and characterise surface geology: study of outcrops (observations and measurements), sampling, testing and geological mapping.

Fieldwork, a pillar of knowledge

For over two centuries, geological mapping has been an essential tool for most applied geological studies, including resource prospecting, land use characterisation and infrastructure and environmental planning.