Designing geo-databases, homogenisation and incorporation of information.

Databases are a tool to manage available geological information

Databases are systems used to order information and make it available to users in a flexible manner.

We design databases and input homogenised information.

escOrsa offers a range of services related to the management of geological information, summarised as follows:

  • Environment: quality and water contamination, soil contamination and characterization
  • Database design to optimise the working processes of projects or organisations, organising field information, whether test results or bibliographic information, using geological criteria
  • Data entry to complete existing databases with field results, field or laboratory tests or data from the literature
  • Data homogenisation. escOrsa has extensive experience in critically homogenising a wide variety of geological information, whether dispersed or underutilised
Bases de datos
The reinterpretation and use of geological databases for retrieving out-dated information

Often, there are huge amounts of information that can be used across many jobs or projects. To make this information useful, escOrsa can digitise, analyse and, if necessary, reinterpret it with modern standards and tools.