Collection and processing of digital images of rocks, minerals and geological materials at different scales.

Microscopic photography service

escOrsa’s geological laboratory has a transmitted and reflected polarised light microscope equipped with a high-resolution digital camera that allows detailed images, sequential shots and videos of thin-section preparations and metallographic specimens.

Fotografía macro y microscópica

Digital imaging treatment

The microscope and camera are complemented by morphometry and digital imaging software specific for microscopic work. This software allows, among other things, the measurement of distances, areas, perimeters, angles, automatic quantification of matrices and coarse grains and automatic grain counting.

Macroscopic photography service

Digital cameras also facilitate the collection of macroscopic photographs of hand samples, core fragments, minerals, fossils, etc. The microscopic lens is calibrated, and morphometry software functionality can be applied. Thus, this approach allows the study of the size and evolution of fractures, grain size and angles, among other features.