Thin-section preparation of geological materials.

Thin section-preparation service

The preparation of thin sections of rocks and minerals is a highly specialised service that requires the use of sophisticated equipment by highly qualified technical staff, combined with advanced knowledge of mineralogy and petrography.
We prepare all types of thin sections for optical and microanalytical study. The friable or unconsolidated samples are set in epoxy resin, which can be dyed to study the microstructure. We also perform selective staining to differentiate minerals.

Rocas y minerales

Polished metallographic thin sections

A good polish quality is essential to analyse thin sections using high-resolution techniques. escOrsa’s thin-section laboratory has precision cutting equipment, including resin vacuum systems and specialised polishers to finish the thin sections with metallographic polishing.

Special thin sections

escOrsa’s geological laboratory prepares thin sections with special features according to the needs of each client. Thus, especially thick thin sections can be prepared (15 to 100 microns), and sections can be double polished or made from friable or water-sensitive materials.