The current assessment of natural gamma radiation.

The assessment of natural radioactivity, a matter of geology

Determining natural gamma radiation is a task that has been performed for years in many countries at the regional and local levels. However, the study of this radiation is not usually undertaken from a geological aspect, although it originated in geology. For example, the work relating to the protection of human health tends to focus on measurements of the amount of radon in air (a product of the decay of radioactive elements) rather than addressing their geological origin. Following this line, many countries produce maps of health risk based on indirect measures taken along regular grids. In another aspect, the study of the radiogenic properties of geological units is often addressed with generic measurements of samples that do not identify the minerals that cause natural radioactivity.

escOrsa studies natural radioactivity based on geological criteria

In this sense, we observe a lack of geological judgment in conducting these assessments. escOrsa resolves this issue through the services it provides primarily for these two reasons:

  • We have experience in materials assessment from large to detailed scales
  • We have the means to carry out geological materials assessment