Laboratory tests to assess terrain deformation.

Determination of deformation, consolidation and expansion

Soil deformation tests are essential to address a great number of problems in geotechnical engineering, from the correct design and calculation of foundations for civil engineering and construction to preload modelling for proper ground seating. Our equipment allows the reproduction of different test conditions adapted to the desired objectives.

Deformabilidad y consolidación de suelos

escOrsa performs the following soil resistance-assessment tests:

  • Soil deformation and consolidation parameters using an oedometer
  • Free expansion of soil in an oedometer cell
  • Maximum pressure of soil expansion in an oedometer cell
  • Expansion in a Lambe apparatus
  • Soil collapse index
The best quality at the most reasonable price

The escOrsa geological laboratory is available to those companies and organisations that require quality testing with appropriate pricing and lead times. Our technical team consists of highly specialised geologists on hand to personally advise you on the best analyses and conditions to test your samples.