Identification of minerals and crystalline phases using X-ray diffraction.

Qualitative determination of minerals and crystalline phases using X-ray diffraction

X-ray diffraction is a technique to qualitatively determine the minerals present in rocks. This method is a widespread technique, complementing the optical microscope, and is used to identify very fine-grained minerals.

Caracterización mineralógica

Semi-quantitative mineral phase analysis: Rietveld method

Using X-ray diffraction, it is also possible to obtain a semi-quantitative analysis of the mineral phases present and to determine the percentage of each mineral. To do so, the Rietveld refinement or adjustment is used, which consists of adjusting a theoretical diffraction spectrum to the actual diffractogram.

Clay analysis using aggregates oriented by the powder X-ray diffraction method

The minerals of the clay group and other phyllosilicates diffract in a narrow region of the X-ray spectrum. Identifying these minerals is of great importance in the field of applied geology. escOrsa’s senior geologists determine mineral composition using their proven experience in interpreting results.

The key: experience in sample analysis by X-ray diffraction

escOrsa analyses geological samples of all types with X-ray diffraction, and escOrsa technicians have experience and scientific publications that validate their knowledge in this field.