Projects representing geological surfaces and three-dimensional elements.

escOrsa develops and represents geological surfaces in 3D

A 3D geological model represents, in short, geological elements in the three dimensions of space. This technology enables the presentation of, often, much more information than conventional 2D representation and, in turn, implies that the information is less uncertain and more consistent in its interpretation (based on its spatial continuity).

A 3D geological model is the final stage of the acquisition-management-interpretation process of geological data.

escOrsa has the knowledge and experience to generate geological models using 3D software and the latest technology.

modelización geométrica en 3D
3D representation is a tool to manipulate and communicate information effectively

3D visualisation in escOrsa is not primarily intended to generate attractive and “modern” images. This visualisation is a tool to integrate much of the information developed during the modelling process and to manipulate or transmit the information in the most effective manner.