escOrsa is a geological consultancy with a specialised laboratory.

Specialised geological consulting services and an in-house geological laboratory

escOrsa is the result of two companies with proven experience joining their efforts to provide specialised consulting services in applied geology and geological laboratory services.


The result is a multidisciplinary company that provides comprehensive geological services. The company combines extensive experience in engineering geology, cartography, databases, geological modelling and environmental geological engineering together with a geological laboratory designed for mineralogical, petrographic, geotechnical, soil and rock mechanics and thin-section preparation work.

escOrsa promises quality, reliability and responsibility

The company’s basic operating principle is based on its corporate philosophy of delivering high-quality, reliable and responsible work at the highest levels, constituting a benchmark for the company itself and for our customers.

In the centre of Barcelona

escOrsa is established in Barcelona, a European and Mediterranean city and a global model for international, cultural, technological and scientific perspectives.