Petrographic, mineralogical and geochemical consulting.

  • Petrographic, mineralogical and geochemical assessment consultancy is a highly specialised service
  • escOrsa has senior consultants in geology and PhDs with more than fifteen years of experience as well as several publications in scientific journals and conferences in the fields of petrographic, mineralogical and geochemical assessment.
  • We have our own laboratories, integrated within the same company, to offer a flexible and personalised service
  • We collaborate with leading European and global laboratories
  • escOrsa has close links with academia
  • We actively participate in various research and development projects in collaboration with different universities, the results of which have been published in numerous scientific papers and international conference proceedings
  • The university-business relationship provides a practical vision of projects combined with a high capacity for analysis and application of the latest techniques
Consultoría geológica

Furthermore, escOrsa can structure your geochemical information in databases

Databases are systems for structuring information and making it available to the user in a flexible manner. escOrsa designs databases for its geochemical projects and offers a range of services related to the management of geological information.